Rovers Football Club
Rovers Football describes itself as more than a club playing soccer - but as a family as well. Based in the Brakendowns area in the south of Johannesburg they have a host of different teams in different age groups as well as ladies' football and a Netball league.







Website Status


How we completed

The Brief
The clients request was for a modern, easy to use online platform which was informational driven, and had a couple of required functions specific to their needs. Included in the request was the requirement to able to build out an e-commerce platform at a later stage.
The Results
Such a joy to get an organisation online with its very first website. We built Rovers FC a modern and stylish, informationally driven platform - complete with multiple custom registration forms for players. Plus a gallery page and WhatApp function for instant mobile communications with the club management. We also added an e-commerce platform so that the club can sell all its branded merchandise directly off the website.
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