Pure Movement Pilates is the result of a dynamic partnership between Kim Mills and Rachel Greville, both highly qualified BASI Pilates instructors with nearly two decades of collective teaching experience. Their journey began at one of the premier Pilates studios in the West Rand of Johannesburg – Ultimate Pilates. Their shared passion for Pilates, extensive expertise, and a vision for a fresh approach led to the launch of Pure Movement Pilates in 2023, offering a unique and invigorating Pilates experience at the heart of the Featherbrook Estate.






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The Brief
Kim and Rachel approached us with a clear vision for Pure Movement Pilates' online presence: Targeted Marketing: They aimed to create a website that effectively targeted their audience, showcasing the unique Pilates experience they offer. Seamless User Experience: Their top priority was to ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience, making it easy for clients to sign up for sessions and onboard new clients. Clean and Elegant Aesthetics: They sought a website design that was clean, elegant, and reflected the serene and invigorating ambiance of Pure Movement Pilates.
The Results
The development of Pure Movement Pilates' online presence has led to impressive outcomes: Effective Targeted Marketing: The marketing strategy effectively resonated with their target audience, conveying the unique experience offered by Pure Movement Pilates. Enhanced User Experience: The website's seamless user journey, from booking sessions to client onboarding, has significantly improved the overall client experience. Elegant Online Representation: The clean and elegant design effectively represents the studio's serene and invigorating ambiance, making a strong impression on visitors. In conclusion, our collaboration with Kim Mills and Rachel Greville to create the online presence of Pure Movement Pilates exemplifies our ability to deliver tailored, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing online solutions that effectively communicate the uniqueness of our clients' offerings and provide an exceptional user experience.
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