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Please take a moment to fill in the form below and we will assist you in updating your site. If you would like to ask a question – we’ll come back to you with some more information – to keep you fully informed.

Please note that all our monthly plans make use of our Recurring Automated Billing. T&C’s

Most Popular Questions

What is a once off update - and what does it give me?

A once off update will include updates on all the plugins on your site, security features and the different modules which contribute to the functionality of the site. The frequency of these updates range from weekly to monthly depending on the frequency of the releases from the software vendors. 

What does a full update cost?

A full update costs R275 (once off).

Monthly updates are R175 per month.

What is Automated Recurring Billing? How does it work?

Automated Recurring Billing is a requirement on all website subscriptions packages where an ongoing monthly invoice is issued. All our subscription packages make use of automated recurring billing. Clients who have elected to go with the monthly packages accept the terms of recieving monthly automated payments from iWeb Services upon making thier first payment. For more info refer to our Terms & Conditions

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