Qunu Staffing
Qunu Staffing is an end-to-end human capital solutions company – working with you to build an expert team of talent that your business demands. Established in 2016, they are equipped with the finest expertise to best fuel any company across South Africa with their ultimate staffing team, Centred on people, business and development, they strive to offer turnkey staffing solutions that propel businesses toward success.







Website Status


How we completed

The Brief
The request to Integrated was to modernise their existing website and to align it with the redevelopment of their company profile etc.
The Results
In close coordination with the team selected to do the required copywriting and graphic design for the client, we developed a site that kept the updated look and feel of the company CI and ensured that it ran across all digital platforms. We also produced original media elements like a welcome video with an original script, and profile photos of the leading EXCO team and shareholders.
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