Organic Empire
Organic Empire is a South African based, solid timber furniture and décor company. They use high quality timber and materials, built to “out-last” traditional, mass-produced furniture. Their finishing products and oils are all plant-based – assuring safer chemicals and reducing our carbon footprint and they source most of our timber locally as ethically as possible.







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The Brief
The development of the Organic Empire website needed to create a robust online presence for the company, enabling them to reach a wider audience while effectively conveying their dedication to sustainability and craftsmanship and there unique approach to creating high quality pieces of furniture. By adhering to the key objectives of show casing products, an emphasise on sustainability and a great user experience across multiple devices, our aim to deliver a website that aligns with Organic Empire's brand and attracts customers seeking high-quality, eco-conscious, beautiful furniture and decor.
The Results
The resulting Organic Empire website embodies the essence of sustainable elegance. With its clean, natural aesthetics and user-friendly design, the website invites visitors to explore a meticulously curated collection of high-quality solid timber furniture and decor. Each product page provides in depth information, showcasing the craftsmanship and eco-conscious sourcing that define Organic Empire. The site seamlessly integrates ecommerce functionality, allowing customers to effortlessly browse, purchase, and even leave their own reviews. Organic Empires mission to treat each piece as a living organism deserving of respect is palpable in every pixel, making it a digital haven for those seeking timeless, environmentally responsible furnishings.
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