Bridge Church
Describing themselves as Warm, Authentic, Fun & Excellent, Bridge Church aims to become a catalyst in the transformation of lives and to see people continually grow through the application of God’s Word in their lives. With campuses in the south of Johannesburg, as well in Port Alfred they provide a place in the local community where lives can be moved forward.






Church Websites

Website Status


How we completed

The Brief
The client came to us after a lengthy, and ultimately unsuccessful development process for their website which never achieved a result they were happy with. During a protracted first engagement process, we began to uncover the reasons for the other failed attempts at building an online platform and identified the client's pain points. After the discovery process, we came away with a couple of really clear imperatives for the project. The website should be extremely easy to use and navigate, it should reflect the identity of the organisation, and Sunday services should be a seamless extension of their first touch point on the website.
The Results
Making use of content from the clients in house graphic and video production units, we developed a modern, clean design. On the front page, we focused on laying out, only the essential information a user would be interested in, while adding navigation to supplementary info in a non-intrusive manner. With many areas in the church life requiring some kind of sign up or registration, we made use of custom designed information cards, leading to an online form for the user to fill out.
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