Bereshith Centre is a non-profit organization with a strong commitment to social upliftment. Established in May 2016, they have been actively engaged in various community development projects. In June 2019, they officially registered as a non-profit organization with the Department of Social Development and obtained Public Benefit Organization (PBO) status with SARS in South Africa.






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The Brief
Bereshith Centre approached us with a clear vision for their website: Informative Website: They needed a website that would provide comprehensive information about the organization, its mission, and its various initiatives. Sponsor and Donor Focus: The website had to be designed with a primary focus on attracting sponsors and donors. It needed to convey the impact of their work and the opportunities for supporters to get involved. Campaign and Highlights: They wanted a platform to showcase their ongoing campaigns and highlight their achievements in social development and outreach programs. Onboarding Link: An essential requirement was the inclusion of an onboarding link for potential candidates to register for their recovery centers. This link needed to be prominent and user-friendly.
The Results
The website development for Bereshith Centre has resulted in significant accomplishments: Enhanced Information Sharing: The website effectively informs visitors about the organization's history, mission, and ongoing projects. It serves as a central hub for accessing information about their work. Increased Donor Engagement: By highlighting the organization's impact and the need for sponsors and donors, the website has successfully attracted the support of individuals and entities looking to make a positive social impact. Improved Campaign Promotion: The website's campaign showcases have proven to be an effective means of promoting ongoing initiatives and celebrating achievements in social development and outreach. Streamlined Onboarding: The user-friendly onboarding link has simplified the registration process for candidates seeking assistance from the recovery centers, making it more accessible and efficient.
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