Benjamin Prep School
Benjamin Preparatory is a Christian-based school, where we apply and teach the morals and values which each learner will need to prosper in life, academically as well as socially. They strive to give their learners the best education possible, in a friendly and caring atmosphere. Benjamin Prep follow the CAPS curriculum as prescribed by the Department of Education, but also strives to take our learners to the next level of education.






Web Design Portfolio; Photography

Website Status


How we completed

The Brief
The client came to us requesting the redesign of her existing school website, and the inclusion of another site (for her preschool) into the Benjamin Prep brand. Additionally - the client was interested in the digitisation of the application process, to reduce the administrative overhead on school staff.
The Results
We started by developing the landing page - where users were asked to select what part of the school they were interested in. With each age group of the school getting their own pages, we were able to design a fun, interactive platform, with age specific information complete with drop down sections for information, which didn't clutter up the page and downloads, allowing users to keep offline copies of of important information. As there were no current photos to use on the site, we also arranged for a professional photographer to take, the amazing shots you see on the site.
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