Because it had to be done
Published: August 30, 2020

Article By:

Warwick Greville

Its been said by pretty much everyone with a pulse sometime in the last four months. ‘Everything has changed, it’s new the normal, did we ever think that we would be here in this position?’ One, not so little virus ground this world as we knew it to an abrupt halt, and then, when we were catching our breath, turned it upside down. As I look outside on the world, things from the floor are still raining down on top of us.

Many people, far smarter than me, from every walk of life, with many more degrees, have spent countless hours bringing some measure of understanding to all of this. How do we survive this? Physically, financially, emotionally, in the short term, and in the coming years?

This blog – not about any of that. Far more qualified people who have far better insight have already put it far more eloquently. This blog will be about opportunity. About jumping in head first and committing whole heartedly, for no other reason than because something had to be done. For in a brand new and rather uncertain world, where a face to face encounter or handshake may just make you ill at worst, or extremely unpopular at best – what better way to remodel your business (or start a new one) than to take it online?

E Commerce is not in any way a new thing. Ask Jeff, your friendly global online retailer guy. He’s the head of a company called Amazon (you may have heard of them?) and they took in a cool $285 billion in revenue in the last financial year. All of the components to do it have been there for small and start up businesses. Its just never been a matter of survival – until now.

And so it was that we made a more or less instant decision. Because it had to be done. A skill set that had been around for the last 12 years, was formalised and put to work and a company was born. An opportunity not only help ourselves, but those who would become clients, and later our friends. Building a new place of business to replace that shop and office which now lie empty due this unheralded situation.

One of the first projects was extremely personal in nature for the client. An amazing lady who has been through more than her fair share of life’s of sorrows for someone of her age – and has managed to get out from underneath them. She shares some of her hard learnt lessons in a relatable and sincere account of her own personal experiences. We designed this beautiful, simple, but fully functional site for Gail to introduce herself & her title “My Abba” to the world online. Complete with a capability to host a blog, sell hardcopy and e-publications and interact with her audience.

One happy author, one more site completed and it’s off to the next one… I wonder if the guys building Rome felt this level of accomplishment after the first day of construction?

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